Vijiyaji’s experience

It was Parayan on April 6, 2013 at Sai Dham. I had a desire to give some Dakshina. I came in the morning for Kakad arti but unfortunately, I forget to put the dakshina, as desired. So then I thought that I will put at the lunch time but again I forgot. Again I thought for sure I will give dakshina in the evening arti, but after arti when I was walking home I realised that once again I forgot to give dakshina. Again thought that I will give in the night, but as soon as I reached home and was about to open our gate, an old man asked if I had any change and I felt that Baba is asking to give now. I immediately felt that it is Baba who is asking as I kept forgetting fulfilling my desire of giving dakshina right from the morning. This is Baba’s blessing to see that he hears our heart’s desire and helps us to fulfill even though we may forget. I am so blessed to have his blessing. Jai Sai Ram