Vandhana & Nikhil’s Experience

Jai Sai Ram

One of our friend, a Baba devotee, told us about Sai Dham and its inauguration on November 10, 2011. By Baba’s grace we visited Sai Dham on the inauguration day and surprisingly met a family friend of ours after may many years. She is also a great follower of Baba and told us all about Baba’s miracles and how Baba has changed many lives. She told us about Baba’s mahima. She explained to us how Baba helps HIS believers and keep their faith alive. She is responsible for making us Baba’s devotees.

Sitting at Sai Dham, we also learned how Baba is supportive and helpful towards HIS believers who read the Sai Satcharitra.

We decided to do a ‘Saptah’ by reading the Sai Satcharitra (This is a continuous reading of the book for 7 days) to help care our problems. As an extra effort, to show our devotion and love towards Baba; my wife decided to give up ‘Anna’ (staple food like rice, roti etc.) for 7 days, until she finishes the ‘Saptah’ and will only start eating ‘Anna’ from the 8th day after she receives prasad from Baba. With Baba’s blessings we finished our ‘Saptah’ and on the 8th day i.e. Thursday, we decided to visit Sai Dham. We were unaware of Sai Dham’s schedule but still arrived there at 10:a.m hoping that Baba will give us HIS darshan.

We were very pleased to see that Sai Dham was open and cleaning of the temple was going on. We came to know that generally this time the temple is always closed as everybody goes to work. But it was Baba who wanted to confirm our faith.

We felt very blessed that Baba gave us such a wonderful darshan. Then we were offered Baba’s prasad. To confirm our faith again and acknowledge our love towards Baba; we were offered Baba’s prasad as ‘Roti and Saag’. We were totally surprised and astonished. We were also surprised because when we go to any temple, the prasad is always laddoos or any kinds of sweets but not proper meal like ‘Roti and Saag’ – an actual meal. That is when my wife started crying.

We then told our story to Vishalji and how my wife gave up ‘Anna’ and how she decided to partake “Anna’ only after Baba’s prasad. And here Baba gave us ‘Anna’ as HIS prasad. We felt extremely blessed and loved by Baba because HE answered to our prayers.

While my wife was still crying; she told Vishalji how she really wants Baba to come to our house. Vishalji smiled and requested us to come to Sai Dham again in the evening. We were pleased and decided to come to Sai Dham in the evening and also visit the Markam temple as well. At Markam temple also Baba gave us a similar experience and gave us ‘Rice and Dal’ as prasad. Again a proper meal. We were really happy to see Baba’s love towards us and how he took care of us.

In the evening we visited Sai Dham as decided and met Vishalji who was very happy and excited and told us that Baba is ready to come to our house. We were confused. Vishalji then presented us a beautiful and large picture of Baba (HIS actual pose). We had no words to say. Vishalji explained how Baba forced him to take the picture to the nearest shop for framing in the morning without any knowledge of Baba’s decision and how even though the shop keeper told him that they will take several days to complete the framing; called him up and told him in the afternoon that the framing is ready and that he can come and pick it up. That is when he knew that Baba wants to go to their house.

We were very happy but started thing of where to place this beautiful picture in our house as the puja area is really small. But like the believers of Baba told us that ‘when Baba decides and wants to stay at your house; HE will make HIS own space’. That is exactly what happened. Baba did shows us HIS place and now HE is sitting at our puja place peacefully and it seems that the empty space in our house and our hearts has been filled by Baba. We welcomed Baba with open arms in our home and our heats.

Vandana & Nikhil

Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha.

Jai Sai Ram.