Susan & Michael’s experience.

March 23, 2013

Having started Parayan, my initial challenge was to get up early morning. Initial few days it was very challenging but afterwards, I felt that every morning Baba woke me up by 5:00 am and I had never problem thereafter.

Secondly, as read in Parayan we should first offer to Baba before we eat anything. I had a new pack of cookies and made tea. Though not knowing the procedure of offering, I made tea and served it with the cookies. I prayed Baba that these are for you. After a while when I came back, was surprised to see that the cookie with the cherry was not there. God knows where that cookie went. I am happy to see and believe that Baba accepted the offering. Jai Sai Ram.

Thirdly, as Parayan ended, I told Michael that I would need the kitchen clean removing all the bottles and cans as I want to do Baba’s Langar.  Normally Michael would never consider this or will never agree to allow me to even touch his bottles or cans. But to my surprise, as I came back taking shower, I found the entire kitchen clean. All the bottles and cans were removed.  This was a miracle to me. Further, normally my in-laws never come in the weekend. But when I was preparing Baba’s langar, I got the feeling that we will have visitor that evening. As soon as the naivedya was ready and offered to Baba, we had door bell ringing. It was my in-laws to our surprise and we all together had Baba’s langar. This is all Baba’s blessing Jai Sai Ram.