Subhraji’s experience

June 29, 2013

This experience is of Tuesday night. We were working late night and also did Shej arti very late around 11:00. It was very hot that night, I was sweeting as well. I did set a fan facing towards Baba sleeping and another one towards Baba in dwarkamayee. Also switched on the ceiling fan along with setting the AC as well and then went off to sleep. I happened to wake up at 3 am to go to washroom and felt temperature had dropped down. Talking to Baba, I told him that Baba you might feel cold, so let me switch of the fan and reduce the AC. But to my surprise, what I see —  Baba’s fan is already switched off, other fan is running on minimum and AC temperature has also been set to higher temperature. Who did this? It is Baba who did this. This is Baba’s miracle. This shows Baba’s presence and his blessing on us. Jai Sai Ram