Niveditaji’s experience

March 23, 2013

Last week when the Pothi Parayan started, it was also the March Break for children. It was Friday morning. Somehow I felt that I should make puree-subji and will also offer to Baba first. Thinking that though Bhai has to leave for work by 8:30 am, still will be able to offer Baba as either Sushmaji or Kamenji would be there as they would be reading Parayan. But as soon as I reached Sai Dham, I was surprised to see not only Bhai, Sushmaji and Kamenji but also the Kakad arti was still to be done. I was   over joyed and happy.  Offered my prayers and naivediya to Baba and then went to work. This is all Baba’s blessings. Because, I wished from heart that Baba should eat this naivediya, that day the Baba made sure and accepted this Navediya. Jai Sai Ram.