Ms. Subhra Mukherjee’s experience

Dec 7, 2012

Jai Sai Ram, As Shama has mentioned in Sai Satcharitra, since Baba departed his body, whenever he had a question to ask to Baba, he would put the chits at Baba’s feet and have his response. Same thing I do whenever I need any directions from Baba. One of similar experiences which I want to share today is of 2007. In 2007 when we were living in an Apartment, we as a family thought that now we should move to a house selling this Apartment. As I always do, I took Baba’s consent and being very specific also asked for the year of sale/move. To everybody’s surprise, the chit we picked-up said 2011 as year to sell the Apartment. That means selling of Apartment and moving to new house would be 5 years from now.  Nobody seemed to agree on this but to me it was Baba’s word and it was my trust. My husband tried  listing the apartment but nothing seemed worked. It was in 2010, at one of our social get together, through our common friend, I met a real estate agent and asked him if would be our real estate agent to sell the apartment and buy us a new house. He did take a day or two and responded positively. He is also Sai Devotee. This was around October-November of 2010. The same weekend, he came for the paper work and having inspected our apartment suggested that we would need the Kitchen to be painted rest of the apartment was fine. We got 2/3 quotes around $1200 to $1300, which was very expensive for us. Then we got connected to this gentleman who gave us the quote of $ 300 which included even the paint material as well. Very happily we gave him the contract immediately. This gentleman also happened to be Baba’s devotee and whatever he earned from the weekend work he donated to Baba and so his quote to us was quote to Baba. It is all Baba’s blessings. The very next week the Apartment was listed and on the very first day a man came in to see the apartment and he made an offer as well. So the first person came, saw the apartment and the made an offer and the deal was done immediately. When the paper was being prepared, it came up that the deal cannot be closed until January 2011 and hence the closing was confirmed for January 2011. To everybody’s surprise, as Baba had mentioned 5 years ago that the Apartment will be sold in 2011, so it happened. Since then everybody in my family including friends now believe in Baba’s instructions through chits. Jai Sai Ram.