Mrs. Veena Nanda’s experience

June 29, 2013

Every Thursday we all whole family go for Sai Bhajans and last Thursday as usual we were getting ready, when my son complaint about headache. Since we had still half an hour to leave, I asked him to sleep for half an hour. But at 6 pm when I went to wake him up, he was fast asleep and I didn’t feel like to wake him up. I and my husband decided to go alone and we left. But reaching mandir I realised that I didn’t spread a blanket on him and just came  like that. I was feeling guilty thinking what a mother I am that I didn’t even spread a blanket on him. I prayed Baba that you are mother to everyone and I pray you to take care of him. At 9 pm bhajans were over and when went home, my son was still sleeping and I saw that he was wearing blanket. When he woke up, I asked him about the blanket – when did he get up and took the blanket.  To our surprise he mentioned that he never woke up nor did he take any blanket. He thought that mom might have put the blanket on him. But, it was Baba who heard my prayers and he came to put the blanket on my son. This is all Baba’s blessing.  Jai Sai Ram.