Mrs. Subhra Mukherji’s experience

March 23, 2013

Jai Sai Ram, This is my experience about six seven years ago. I was working in Down Town. It was evening and I was returning from work. I was feeling very hungry. I was walking through the mall to Subway and all the shops in the mall were closed, hence even if I wanted to buy I couldn’t buy. I prayed Baba, I am hungry and it is still going to be long to reach home. I was in the train and sitting by myself and all of a sudden two boys came and asked me if I was interested in buying the chocolates which was for $ 2. I bought them and these two boys then got down at the next station. This is how I got to eat something till I reach home. It was not only Baba’s blessing but also a miracle as it is impossible to find anybody selling in the train. It is not allowed to sell anything on the train as well as on the station. Jai Sai Ram.