Mr. Vishal Khana’s experience

Dec 4, 2012

Jai Sai Ram, today I would like to share my most recent experience. This Tuesday myself and Gudiya had decided to visit Satyajit’s mother at the Hospital in Toronto. I was to finish the work by 5:00 pm and then pick-up Gudiya from Brampton and visit Aunty at Hospital in Downtown Toronto. It so happened that I couldn’t  leave my office before 8:00 pm and then to reach hospital in Toronto after picking up Gudiya from Brampton seemed impossible to reach hospital before 9:00 pm hospital’s visiting hours. Still as decided, we started. All through the route I tried my best to speed up where ever possible, but very close to the Hospital a cop pulled us aside. He charged us with the speeding fine of $ 220/- and 4 demerit points as my speed was 80 in the zone of 50. Having asked reason of speeding,  he then asked for my insurance which again I couldn’t find hence couldn’t provide. Cop, then  went to his car,  checked on his computer and then Baba knows what happened, he came back and said that he is going to fine for $ 27.50 and no demerit points. It was Baba’s blessing that made him change his decision to reduce the fine to minimum and remove the demerit points. Not only that tough we were delayed by cop, and it was pass 9:00 pm which means passed visiting hours, we were still able to enter the hospital and see Aunty. This is all Baba’s blessings. Jai Sai Ram.