Mr. Vashisht’s experience

This is my pleasure to share my experience. This is since December 2013; I had been experiencing some challenges at University. Back and forth communications had been going on and it went to an extent that the decision was not in my favour affecting my academic results. I did challenge the decision not only once but twice but yet not luck. In the meantime, I prayed every God I know and went to every temple I am aware of, with the hope blessings to be out of this terrible situation. With the same hope, it was March 18th, 10 pm when I was walking along the Goreway Road, I saw Sai Baba temple. I went in and prayed with heart and soul. I shared my challenge with Bhai and Didi. This is the temple which I have been passing by every day when going to university and returning home but never happened to go in the temple. But today, I don’t know what made me go in the temple and pray. In two days the things totally changed and University gave the decision in my favour. This was Miracle. It was Baba’s blessing that everything was shorted out immediately. This was unbelievable. The same day I shared the good news with Bhai and Didi and thanked Baba so much. Didi, on that gave me Sai SatCharita to read in one week. I took the book but being a bit lazy in reading just read first chapter on first day and then didn’t read anything following two days. Now only three days were left to complete the Parayan in seven days. And as promised, I read the rest of the book in three days. I told Didi that as promised and committed I did complete reading Parayan in a week.  Didi,  once again told me to read again for another week. So again I read Parayan in last two days instead of reading in one week. This time when I completed reading Parayan, I got an interview call – my first job interview call after completing my Graduation. On the interview day I first came to Baba and prayed but didn’t tell about the interview to Bhai. But still Bhai though not knowing anything gave me Baba’s flower which I took for the interview. The interview went for hour and half and surprisingly I was given the job offer immediately after the interview. This is quiet unusual as normally the job offer is made in 2 to 4 weeks of interview, but I was given the job offer the same day after the interview itself. This is all Baba’s blessing. Today I not only have university degree, but I have a job and I feel settled. This is all Baba’s miracle. Jai Sai Ram.