Mr. Alok’s experience

This is a few year ago. We were new in Canada. My son was very small. We were coming from Toronto. All of a sudden my son started crying very loudly. I got disturbed as to what happened all of a sudden and couldn’t even concentrate on Driving. Hence decided to pull on side and check what was wrong.

I slowed my car, and all I found that I end up rear ended the vehicle in front very softly. I got worried and requested the lady to settle privately without going to Insurance. Initially she agreed but then expressed her wish to go through Insurance. Meantime I had been praying Baba constantly.  After few days got a call from Insurance Company stating that they were informed by the third party regarding the accident. I told that the vehicle seems pulled in front of me from nowhere and seemed that she must have pulled in front of me. The insurance company made investigation at their end and after few days they told me that I was not at fault and mentioned that my car would also be repaired by the Insurance and I wouldn’t have to pay a single penny. My car also became a brand new car. It was a bonus to me. This is all Baba’s blessing. It is Baba’s miracle