Miracle at Sai Dham Canada

On February 4, 2012, the members of Sai Dham Canada, a religious institution located at 7140 Goreway Drive, Mississauga, Ontario witnessed a beautiful miracle.

With a focus of spreading love and happiness, members of Sai Dham meet every Thursday and Saturday evening to celebrate the work of the saint Shirdi Sai Baba, who in the 18th century gained many followers in South Asia for the love and guidance he provided to all and the miracles he performed for those in need.

Members of Sai Dham comes together to read Akhand Sai Satcharitra Parayan every first Saturday of the month for a family. On February 4, 2012; the Parayan was for the Tammana family from Mississauga.

At approximately 3:30 PM, a wreath of beautiful flowers was brought by a couple (Nikhil & Vandana Saharya) be placed on the gorgeous marble statue of Sai Baba found at the establishment. Shortly afterward it was noticed that the wreath was somehow getting larger, the flowers growing rapidly without explanation. The evening filled with excitement as news of this phenomenon spread and countless members began to gather to witness the event.

Almost Two day later, the wreath continues its steady growth in front of the eyes of all those who stop by Sai Dham Canada. Sai Baba’s influence has spread across the globe and Sai Dham establishments can be found worldwide, from India to the United Kingdom to right here in Canada.

The members of Sai Dham Canada have been blessed with the opportunity of witnessing a wonderful part of the divine, to remind them that there is beauty beyond the materialistic aspects of the world.

Jai Sai Ram