Baba’s Invitation On Shivratri

Jai Sai Ram Everyone,

By our beloved Sai Baba’s grace & blessings Sai Dham Canada is celebrating Shiv Ratri on 17th February 2015 starting from 7:00 pm EST and will continue for the whole night.

Pandit Bhaskaran Shiv Acharya will be performing and guiding us with the Shivaratri rituals.
Every prahar, Panditji will be performing and guiding all of us to perform Rudram, Chamakam, puspanjali along with Lingastakam, beautifully decorating the Lingam along with Purusha Suktam and Trishita Namavali ( 300 names of Shiva ). The prahar puja will be ending with Shiva Aarti.

This will be repeated at every prahar. The Abhishekam of the last prahar is @ 6:00 am 18th February 2015.
In between prahars, we will have satsang and Bhajans so we all can stay awake.

Everyone is requested to come and participate on this auspicious occasion. If possible, please bring your own Shiva Lingam, Bel patra ( Bel leaves), milk and Ganga jaal.
If you don’t have or will have difficulty, then it’s ok. No worries. Baba will take care.

Looking forward to meet you all @ 7:00 pm. tonight.
Baba bless you all !!
Jai Sai Ram !!