Atharvashirsha/Ganesha Upanishad chanting on February 16, 2013.

A special prayer to Lord Ganesha, HIS Abhishekam along with Atharvashirsha will be performed at 12:30 p.m. It is a blessing to all those who will chant the Atharvashirsha together on that day. Atharvashirsha enables the worshipper to remain free in spirit, unmoved by obstacles and liberated from sin. Meditating while chanting Atharvashirsha will wipe out the consequences of any sinful actions committed in the intervening periods.

The text sounds a cautionary note:

– it should not be taught to those without faith and devotion.
A teacher who does so out of greed is considered a great sinner.

Chanting the Atharvashirsha regularly empowers a devotee tremendously. Different means of worship confer different benefits.

– Ritual bathing of Ganesha helps one master the art of eloquence.

– Worship with Durva grass brings wealth.

– With rice flakes come fame and scholarship.

– Offering modaks brings the devotee his heart’s desire.

– He who offers all of these, along with ghee, attains everything.

We will be chanting Atharvashirsha with all the above for 21 times to please the Lord Ganesha to attain HIS blessings.

All are humbly invited to come and join us to pray together and be a part of this auspicious prayer.

Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact Mrs. Sushma Pandey and Mr. Kamen Shukla at:

Sai Dham Canada
7140, Goreway Drive
Canada, L4T 2T6

Phone: 905-956-2646/647-291-3838